Sunday, August 30, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours BUT....

that's just not what's goin' down right naw!

I've been a busy, busy girl these past couple of weeks! Fortunately, I'm not the StressBall today that I was in those weeks. Yes, you've heard me correctly, things are settling and coming into place.

  • I got into 4 classes granting me the Full-Time Student status(!) that I'm luvin' because I'm happy and everybody around is super happy that I am! And 3 out of 4 teachers are Amazing!
  • I now have Health Insurance (as of Wednesday). My mom has been shopping around for a doctor for me...yea, I'm about to be 24 and she's still doing these things but, I guess, that's just the way the ball bounces when you are an only child.
  • Date 3 with TheElectrician and he still seems to like me. (Weird.) I enjoy hanging out with him though, so this is a good thing :)
  • I've been coming out of my "hibernation" and making my way back into society. I've been calling and trying to hang out with old friends.
  • Speaking of People of the Past, last night I hung out with my cousin (we used to be super close-like bff close) and my ex-boyfriend was there (they've been friends since before the whole bf/gf thing). It was awkward at first but by the end of the night the ice was broken and we chatted and caught up. I forgot how easy it was to talk to him and sweet he could be (I dumped him and from what I hear broke his heart).
  • AND I gotta admit everyday I'm looking better and better! Today I weighed in at 125! I'm feeling great! 10 more pounds....and I will be feeling Magnifiscent!
  • 29 days of no bingeing (well on veggies but I was still within a reasonable amount of calories) or purging. (Seriously, bulimia made it sooooo much harder to lose weight) It's getting easier as the weeks pass. I eat super duper healthy. Like almost NO processed foods or refined sugar and it really does take away cravings for all that kind of stuff.
  • I've been improving (Big Time) at softball since I've lost weight and gained some muscle I can move sooooo much easier now and am less distracted with *jiggle*jiggle* and more eyes on the prize! (i.e. "catch the ball", "run to first base"...etc.)
  • College has massive amount of Thinspo. That in conjunction of there not being much healthy foods AND being on an insanely itty bitty budget AND the college is built on the side of a hill AND studying keeps your mind off food and makes time fly is SUPER FANTASTICO! Yay College!
  • Unemployment stuff is still up in the air. :( (But that's pretty much my only bad news, so I'm thinking it's not so bad, yes?)
Flushed - 9, ShitStorm - 1

Flushed for the Win!

My new obstacle is balance. There are so many things that I value and so few hours in the day and so few days in the week. I often get blindsided and consumed in one aspect of life and forgetting about the bigger picture. Balancing the Black, the White and the Gray.

Be Balanced.
Staying Focused.
Staying in Control.


I've been trying to keep up with your blogs and comment as much as I can that "life" is happening it's been quite a feat (as I'm sure you can all relate cuz you all are posting the same paragraph as this one on your own blogs!). But even if I'm not commenting I am still reading, albeit mostly on the weekend.


  1. Anonymous30.8.09

    Congrats on the 9, good luck on the 1!

  2. Anonymous30.8.09

    Congrats on all your good news! Best of luck on the balance, I know what a struggle that can be.


  3. Yay for full-time students! Freshman?

    I'm finding that college is leaving hardly ANY room for food-related thoughts. And I'm striving to be as thin - if not thinner - than anyone in my classes anyway.

    I'm glad things are lookin' up for you! I still have my mum do everything for me too - even though I'm the oldest of 6 siblings haha...

    Are you seeing any benefits from less processed foods? Other than the obvious weightloss, I mean. I love doing one-week periods of raw food only, because my skin clears up, I actually feel CLEAN inside, and my digestive system becomes stronger.

    Hope you find a job soon♥

  4. You are the light at the end of my tunnel :)


  5. Cheers to us decline in stress, full time students, liking 3 out of 4 teachers, having insurance again and being in our 20's and having a parents who do things for us that we should be doing ourselves (but that's because I'm the fucked up child of my siblings so it's kind of like I'm the only child). I'm so glad things are going better for you too you are my inspiration for no binging 29 days way to go. Hope things continue you to go up up up for you.

  6. Yay! Sounds like you're doing fantastic. I'm so happy for you. I'm loving the girl in the picture, by the way. She's gorgeous.

  7. yeh! this is brilliant! I am so so so happy 4 u! sounds like everything is coming together and your in your element keep going strong and remember this feeling :) xxxx

  8. Oh wow those are fantastic news! Way to go Flushed! I knew you would get in your classes, I just knew!

    My best of luck to you!

  9. Awesome about not binging! Awesome about being 125! Awesome about boys, college, and everything! So nice to see you getting such great news lately.

  10. WOw. this is wonderful. I see how you mean we're aiming for similar social goals. I like that. As much cheese as you like, but I find it inspiring for someone to be aiming for something similar, it makes it seem more worthwhile that we're coming from similar ailments, aiming to make similar aspects of our lives better. I like that, I like it a lot. I also love this post, it's so positive and brilliant sounding for you. ALso, thanks for all of your comments, they're brilliant how you're so supportiv of everything, egging me on in the right way (towards health) rather than what I used to get on old blogs of egging me on further in to the ED. I'm sure you know what I mean, so yes, it's lovely.

    Lushness, V x

    P.S I know whatyou mean about bein gan only child, although I'm only 19 my Dad does everythign car orientated for me; I haven't got the foggiest clue!


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