Friday, August 21, 2009

SInce When does Socializing=Eating/Drinking?

Being social can be hard. Why is it that every celebration and get together must involve food and high calorie drinks (I live in a world of FUNctioning alcoholics). Last Saturday was the party then lunch on Sunday, I did well considering I was able to choose for myself which foods and how much I ate. The alcohol, however, was unavoidable. It just is. It's certainly not that I want to drink, I'm really not much into drinking. The calories just aren't worth it to me; and I have to fight off the munchies (hey Mr. Webster add "munchies" to your dictionary, it's a medical term I assure you).

Last night my friend came over and brought a movie aaannnnd...FOOD! She forgot that I was a vegetarian so the Roasted Chicken went untouched. But the Caesar salad was unavoidable (no dressing or croutons, it was the Grated Parmasean Cheese that made my heart race). AND, of course we just HAD TO sample all 7 flavors of jello shots that were still left over from the party. AND drink a bottle of champagne. (Aren't I a good host. Liquor 'em ups my motto!) (I am my mothers daughter :\ )

Today is my mom's birthday and guess what we're doing. That's right, dinner. I'm hoping that I can get away with eating nothing or just a plain small salad or a side of steamed veggies. I just have this nagging thought that people are gonna want to "include" me and order things for a vegetarian or point out every. single. dish. that is sans animal. Which is the most annoying thing to me EVER! I've been a notorious health nut for years, you really think I need your guidance? Umm....I love you and you are trying to be "helpful" or "supportive" or something but you're overweight. I've been there done that and learned better so you can take note of what and how I eat but please don't try and pass me your. kthanx.

And then on Saturday I'm going on another date with TheElectrician which will likely involve food and drink. Ugh.

In other news my mom was checking out my body last night and she was all super complimentary. She said I looked great that I looked skinny which, of course, made me feel great (coming from my mom) and I was all "I do feel A LOT better! 10 more pounds to go!" and she was like "Wha? Where?"

(I can't lie, I smiled on the inside to this comment)

and then I proceeded to grab fat from my problem areas (my thighs can lose 10 pounds alone, GROSS!). And she gave me this weird look, "but you'll look anorexic cuz your so small already on top".

And being the masterful debater I replied (geniusly, of course) with: Nu-uh! I was 10 pounds lighter than I am when I was 21 and I did not look anorexic! Plus, I've been doing push-ups! Check out my muskles!

[cue corny body builder poses]

(don't judge.)

I'm also trying to think of what I want to do for my birthday (It's still a few weeks away, I just want to be prepared). It's on a Friday and I know people won't let me just pretend that it doesn't exist (any excuse for a celebration. My family is so boring, I know.) But I really don't want to go out to dinner. I was thinking of doing something cheesy like going to Bowling or to the Drive-In or something. Anything where I'm not cornered into eating or drinking.


  1. Anonymous21.8.09

    Hmmm. You got a lot of busy food/alcohol driven events to attend! Yay for another date with the electrician guy. He does seem nice. Maybe you could go bungee jumping for your birthday.. then you could be like "I can't eat. I'm going bungee jumping. Ill puke" LOL Idk. I dont know what sorta town you live in to give you ideas. :B

  2. Good for you on the skinniness and compliments from your mom! Way to go! But seriously, if you turn down food and/or drinks when out socializing, so what if they pick on you? It's not their life or body, it's yours. If you don't want to drink/eat, then don't. Say no thanks and patiently sit through the comments. Or hide the food in a napkin and let them think you ate it. Or carry around one glass of alcoholic drink and don't drink, just pretend to sip all night. People are way to food/drink-oriented for annoys me all the time! Good luck. :)

  3. Anonymous21.8.09

    It must be an honor getting the compliments from your mom, i really hope to get those someday. The Drive in for your birthday is a good idea, because all the attention will be off of you and on the movie, so they won't know if you ate or not. I'm also vegetarian, and I hate when people try to be all sensitive and point out all the dishes, or they all order vegetarian options just so you don't feel left out. Its just horrible. gahh, now you have me all frustrated!!! haha ;)

    stay strong and good luck.


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