Friday, August 21, 2009

Sippin on my Decaf and Water

Did not taste nor touch.

Wasn't even tempted.

21 days binge/purge free and counting.

If that's not progress...then you're new here. Welcome! I don't really pay much attention to the number of "followers" (I prefer to call them readers. Who came up with this whole "followers" business anyway? It makes it sound all creepy and cultish, don't ya think?) but I saw today that there are 52! Wowza's! When did this happen?! I was like: they like me, they reeeeealli like me! (I hear gloating is good for your skin, so I indulged a bit) and then I came back down to earth.

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your comments, they always make me feel better. No rilly, thank you. I was looking back at previous comments (they get e-mailed to me and...well, my inbox is crowded. I'll just say that.) and I realized how down and out I was when I started this blog. I remembered how I felt like this insufferable bulimic mind trap was closing in on me and I really feared that I would not find my way out. That I may as well give my jeans to GoodWill and invest in Moo-Moo's with the way my weight was getting out of control.

21 days.

And counting.

I'm not saying that I won't ever throw up again, binge or whatever. There have been difficult times when I want to quit, bumps and bruises (and oceans of tears) are bound to happen and I accept that. I'm just saying that day was not yesterday nor today. And I hope that day is not tomorrow. Every moment around food is a choice and making better choices is my goal everyday.

I don't even know where I was going with ummm....yeah. I'm gonna go do my Bender Ball DVD now.

Much Luv~n~Hugs to ya!


  1. Anonymous22.8.09

    Thats amazing!! keep going! :)

  2. hey just coz i'm following you doesn't mean i like you..
    but your blogs are really inspiring, keep it up hunni
    & i just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely motivating comments you leave me.
    maybe i do like you, a little bit :D

  3. Anonymous22.8.09

    its amazing how a bunch of strangers can band together in efforts to better themselves and actually improve their overall mood and attitude towards life. its like an AA meeting, only for a bunch of people wanting to lose weight. we really are a cult. <3

  4. Amen, sister! You're doing a fantastic job.

  5. Anonymous23.8.09


    keep up the good work. xx


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