Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Breathe

> What a week! My aunts 50th birthday party is today AT MY HOUSE so
> crazy week getting decorations and coordinating and errands and
> trying to keep myself together (emotional fail). I can't handle much
> (just in case you haven't noticed) but all in all I think I've been
> all right.
> I figured out which classes I'm taking for school, I didn't realize
> how time consuming it can be trying to coordinate class schedules!
> Also, I found out that my mom can have me on her health insurance
> until I'm 25 as long as I'm a full time student! (one more year) So
> this is Super Fantastic News of Epic Proportions (clearly) and is
> brought to you with much Glee on my part! (squee!!)
> After today/tomorrow things will settle and I'll be able to catch up
> on all your lovely bloggity blog lives! I'm blogging from the car
> wash right now (I don't want to hear 285,826,916,826
> comments/"jokes" about how dirty it is) (what is it with people and
> feeling the need to inform you that your car is dirty and you need
> to wash it? -ohrilly? I hadn't noticed it's only in my driveway when
> I'M not driving it! I'm sorry it hurts you so...please forgive me Oh
> Clean Car Nazi?-)
> Anyhoodle, I'd also like to let ya'll know that should I not purge
> today it will be DAY 14! Two whole weeks!
> Stupid party. (it'll be fun) Wish me luck! (Lord knows I'll need it,
> my anxiety is already through the roof!)
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  1. Congrats on not purging for two weeks, that must feel amazing!
    Best of luck with the party! Stay strong!!

  2. welldone on the two weeks, thats good.
    its been about two weeks for me too
    it feels good to have the control!
    keep it up hunni

  3. Hahahaha. Clean Car Nazi--i loved that.

    Two weeks is awesome beyond awesomeness!! Keep it up. And good luck at the party. I have faith in you that you'll do just fine.

  4. Have fun at your party!

  5. How was the party???

    did you manage okay??

    and as for the 2 weeks ...well THATS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! WAY TO GO MY STRONG GIRL!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!

    You are an inspiration!!

    (((((HUGE HUGS))))

    Love, Z (TARA)

  6. I can't handle much either... I have a hard time handling regular life, so if anything out of the ordinary happens I start to freak out. I think it's pretty typical for people with EDs.

    That's so AWESOME about the insurance!! It's so important to have.

    AND awesome about not purging! Excellent! Keep staying strong!

  7. Anonymous17.8.09

    Congratulations on not purging for two whole weeks! That is quite the accomplishment. =)

    LOL yah I know, like why do people even bother saying shit like "your car is dirty"? Like, ummm THANK YOU sir. i hadnt noticed! i obviously DONT have time to wash it given its current state, so how bout you help a bitch out and wash it for me? thanks, your oh so kind". Stupid people, I sweart I should write a damn book.

  8. 2 weeks! 2 weeks!
    a medal is totally due!
    tnx for ur comment today I have missed them dey really do keep me goin!

  9. omg, i love you
    & did i mention i love you?
    yes i think i did :S
    stay strong hun.
    & we'll get to perfect thin land together where we won't have to clean our cars for ourselves(clean car nazi haha made me laugh) because boys will think we're so hot & thin, they'll want to wash it for us and we'll just have to sit back and enjoy being thin & sexy & umm thin!
    but until then...WASH YOUR CAR!
    love you!

    if i'm fan-fucking-tastic
    then you'd have to be fan-fucking-tabulous!
    otherwise what would be the meaning to life? xxxx ly


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