Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eggs In a Basket

[written in] Math- my last class of [yester]today. A NON-stresser
(thank gawd!) since Its the one class I'm actually registered/enrolled
in. 'Beware the fleeting thoughts of optimism' (a comment from a past-
ahem-downer post I came across recently) I was so confident that I
would get my choice in [yester]todays classes being so high on the
waitlists; but even my #2 position failed me (further cementing the
idea of the #2 =ing SHIT). I'm at a total of 10 units, 2 short of
being a full-time student and, more impotantly, of receiving health
insurance (WebMD turned me into a hypochondriac! The tell-all

Now all my "eggs" are in one "basket" when I find out [today] if my #2
position can rectify and turn my frown upside down. Or whatever.
Getting me those Magical 4 digits that will transform me into a full-
time, benefit having student that I am so desperate for.

I started brainstorming. It's time to take whatever I can get! (Fail.
EVERYclass is completely booked.) 2 more units and I am Golden.

Not all is lost just yet though. There still a chance for the second
#2 to prevail. Even the first #2 there's an inkling of a chance (yup,
yup taking WHATEVER I can get). I'm next, he has my # (and I planned
to e-mail him tonight), just ONE person drops and I'm in (that's
English too, so you should hope for that one too. If I get in I may
actually learn how to use punctuation properly and form coherent
sentences.) (And learn what coherent means?) I'm
hopin'~n~wishin'~n~prayin' that SOMEBODY-ANYBODY is going to decide
that the class is just not right for them and- BAM! POW! KABLOOWEY!!
There I will be! Pen in hand anxiously awaiting to jott down 4 Magical
#s that will calm my Nerves. (And give me a whole 'nother brand of
Stress Wave to ride!)


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  1. keep on going girl! Im here cheerin u on! xx

  2. I hope you get in to those two classes. :)

    I'm praying for you!!!

    stay strong.

  3. oh girlie!! I am here hopeing and a praying you will get what you so rightfully deserve..yes yes the classes but above all health insurance..i mean after all you cant depend on webmd for all your answers...that will make you nuttie (O)... dont worry Im a hypocandraic too..I always thinki am dying (of something) so I REALLY see the need for health insurance although I wont go to the doctor for fear they will wiegh my fat ass..but I always like the option...okay okay to the point...please some one get chollera oe some other dreadful disease so flushed can get her health insurance and ummmm her education...I mean what is an education without the piece of mind that you dont have ebolla :)

    love you,


  4. Thank you, your strength gives me hope. Now THAT'S cliche! Though I mean every word of it. I've followed your blog a long time and seen how you've battled. 27 days is incredible. I hope it extends infinitely.



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