Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Better Day

I liquid fasted today.  643 calories total which is low for me. 

That's it.  That is my accomplishment for the day.  Unless mastering the art of Couch Potato-ing can be considered an accomplishment.  Or perhaps, Procrastination? 

It's 9:30pm and there is still much to be desired of the day.  I must finish my essay.

HOLD THE PHONES!! Watching some show on E! and homeboy just threw away his cupcake after Windexing(!) it because otherwise he'll dig it out and binge on the ish!  I need to start throwing food away! Seriously, I could have just gone to bed last night when I got home.  I wasn't hungry but I ate because there were things in the kitchen that I knew I would taunt me (today) if I didn't get rid of them.  Next time- it's Windex for those taunters.

AND THEN!! This PR chick with the hot pink jacket and teeny weeny LBD is checking herself out in the mirror and saying that she's fat.

Let's just think about that for a minute.

This is the society we live in!  It's no wonder we are obsessed with body image and food.  I wish I were immune to this highly contagious disease.

I really need to be strong this week.  I really need to lose-to progress especially after yesterdays regress (woohoo! That's a word!!)  (so is jauk btw, got me 56pts in Scrabble!) (I looked it up-after the fact, of course, apparently I jauk a lot.)  (I'm a jauker.)  (in fact, I'm jauking right now) 

What was I saying?

Oh yeah.  So I'm still on board for this whole pseudo lent/ pseudo fasting thing I got going only I had to make the whole "1 meal a week" thing, one 24 hour period of bingery instead.  Obvy, I will try to refrain from this sort of gluttony come next week and weeks to follow.  Stay in control and only eat veggies and fruits and generally healthy stuff on my little free day and not go overboard and scour the cupboards in a feeding frenzy.  It's just not cool.  It's just not.

I am gonna be skinny, damnit!
Damnit! I will be skinny!

Shut up Kitchen! I'm giving you the silent treatment!! You done me wrong yesterday!  Real wrong.  Have a sad and lonely night you, you...JERK! 


  1. holy moly. Weekends are so hard because they're so relaxed and so socially centered. plus having all the free time makes me wander to the kitchen a lot. but you did really great keeping your calories low! :) woot woot

  2. Haha. I love your last paragraph to the kitchen. I feel that way all the time. Stay strong, my dear. I know you can do this!

  3. I have delicious Almond Cream cake in my fridge that I'll prolly sprinkle with cumin before i toss it out. I also dump salt and pepper on half my meal at restaurants to make sure I don't pick at it.

  4. my personal favourite is hairspraying it dno what windex is but sounds like the same kinda sabotage

    hey as long as its only 24hrs youll be fine :)


  5. You're hilarious! Stay strong this week and you'll lose the weight no worries.


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