Monday, February 8, 2010

Shake, shake, shake

Shake, shake, shake.  Shake your bootie! Shake your bootie!

I'm liking this liquid fasting thing I got going here.  I actually feel good, like with energy and stuff.  I even felt like commenting on a few blogs instead of being a "lurker," you comment on my blog and I feel so bad that I don't comment back on yours (even though I do read A LOT of them). GoogleReader really should make it possible to comment on your blog thru it... AND on my iPhone cuz if I'm reading from there I just can't comment, I'm pretty sure a Super Zen Monk would end up wanting to throw the beautiful iPhone out the window and kung fu fight those mothas who do the software programming at google/blogger.

And I'm not a monk nor am I an inkling of zen soooo... riiiight.

Today: 537 calories.
B - Protein Shake and coffee
s  -  Protein Shake
L - V8 low sodium Vegetable Juice
s  -  V8 low sodium Vegetable Juice
D - Protein Shake and Hot Tea

I'm a grazer, I have to eat every 2-3 hours to keep my sanity.  BTW: The v8 juice says 70 calories on the can, I'll have to double check.  And I drink bottled water before and after too (not like down it but y'know, bring it into class with me then after class have a can of v8).  I'm really hoping my body will reward me for my efforts in this, like I said before, I feel good and nourished.  I know many may like that starving feeling but I just want to not want food because for me starving just means I'm on the edge and about to crack. (I'm only speaking for myself on this.)

I'm really excited about this.

Day 2 is a success!!

Can't wait to post more success posts!  And drop to new lows in the weight department!

You see, since this whole No-Purge streak started, I upped my calories and haven't been below 900 in quite some time.


  1. How do you make your protein shakes? Do you add water... milk... fruit?
    They are filling as hell. But mine seem to have a ton of calories.

  2. hmmmm...

    perhaps I shall liquid fast tomorrow... :)

  3. I might have to try some protein shakes and V8s. I like the feeling of starving for a while, but then i start to hate it. You're doing great, sweetie!

  4. teehee you want a wii i want an iphone lol but they are way to expensive in uk :(

    get a wii they are awesome i have wii fit i tend to only use it to weigh as i dont think it gives that good a work out but then im more of a cardio than muscle person but i like working my arms so yeah the game i was playing was good for that but they are fun (nothing is more amusing than grandparents attempting to play)

    i keep trying to get more protein in me as i dont eat meat im intrigued by protein shakes but as with most new things a little scared do they taste yuck?


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