Friday, February 12, 2010

Non-Solid Food Fast

Today hasn't quite been what I had hoped.  It's 3:40 and I have already consumed 721 calories and this includes the Pear and the Apple.  I'm hoping the decaf coffee I made will stave off any further hunger so I don't eat all kinds of junk.  I've already had some fat thoughts of pistachios, walnuts ... and eyed roasted peanuts with peanut M&M's... pushed away thoughts of going out and getting junk food, I briefly daydreamed about a banana... considered eggwhites...  man this is tough.  I'm really a lot better at the all or nothing mentality than the moderation one.  I'll just try and keep a clear mind and do my best.  Come Monday I will be back to it and hopefully for longer since there are not any depressing holidays in the coming months.

I will be 105 and skinny mini in no time!!  I will because I must. It's just the way its got to be.

This is my protein shake.  I like to use the Magic Bullet Blender because it's super fast but when I was up north I just grabbed a cup and spoon and stirred like mofo instead.  I added the Flaxseed Meal for some healthy fat upping the calories of the shake to the inital 130 of the powder alone to 160 (adding an additional 30 calories with the one tablespoon of flaxseed meal).

I can just imagine you just shivering in your timbers at the calories, I use to feel the same but now that I have deemed purging NOT an option having some extra calories of healthy things to prevent me from bingeing is completely worth it.  Though immediate results are alluring I force myself to think in the long run, I don't want to be at my goal weight for a day, I want it for a lifetime but I cannot say the same for the disorder and it's yucky behavior (65th day purge free!!). 

Any other questions about what I've been eating can basically be answered if you look at the past weeks posts where you will find links that will take you to the website of the Pure Protein products.  I'm not sure of the nutritional info they give because my bottle thing says 130 but it does give you places where it's sold so you can take a little field trip and check it out for yourself if you'd like.

With that, I would also like to say: To Each His Own.  

This is what works for me and my lifestyle and (so far) my body.  I heard someone say once that every diet works, it's a matter of how you can work it into your life.  I hope we can all find a way to be at our desired weights and maintain them!!

Luv Ya :)


  1. Good for you girl! i wish i could have 65 purge free days....stay strong. xoxo

  2. i totally get what you mean by all or nothing being loads easier than moderation. im the same way.
    what does that powder taste like? it looks interesting, i might give it a shot if the next week goes just as bad as this one :P
    stay strong

  3. Ah, yes. I'm so much better at all or nothing than moderation. You're quite a brave girl for trying the apple and pear though. Stay strong, dearest. No one needs junk food.
    Actually, i'm amazed by the calorie count because it's much LOWER than i've ever seen in a protein shake. I must get some of that powder!
    65 days! Wooo! Party in here! No, seriously, i'm proud of you, dear.


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