Friday, February 12, 2010


New low: 116!!  This is so thrilling, I want more, MORE, MAAAAAAAAAWWWWRRRRR!!!

Jeez losing weight is so addicting, seeing the numbers actually drop each day, as oppose to fluctuate, leaving me wonder each morning if it's just the accumulation of food inside me or fat taking up residence on my body.

Yesterday I completed day 5 (701 cals) of the no solid food fast, I'm still feeling good and nourished.  Granted come night time my belly grumbles and I have to go to bed before and remind myself that the rewards are greater (and less self-destructive) instead of googling restaurant menus with pictures of cal-tastrophic fattness.  So off to bed I go and lose myself in the world of Sookie and the Vampire Bill (my cousin lent me the books that True Blood is based on).

Oh the sweet reward of success!! New lows make me feel so much better than food! (Solid food, that is.)  If I'm going to "Treat Myself" on Valentine's Day with healthy delites than I need to start slowly introducing solid food into my system.  Only, continuing the fast sounds soooo much more appealing! I've read that raw fruits and veggies are the best way to break your body in so there is a pear and an apple on the counter just waiting for me to sink my teeth into.  In all honesty a protein shake or a smoothie or a v8 (make virgin bloody mary style) sounds so much more appealing.  It sounds like one step closer to 115... and then 110.

But I will eat the pear and likely the apple and then the next day add vegetables to that and then it will be Valentine's Day and I will have a date with food.  On Monday I will back on the fast or possibly Tuesday, Monday we are cleaning the garage (yay.  fun.) (not.) and I'm not quite sure how the whole liquid fast thing will go over but I think I can get away with it.  And again, I will go day by day.

I'm so determined to see 115.  And then 110.  AND THEN sweet 105!!!

105 is like my ultimate dream weight.  But first things first, and first there is 115.


  1. Anonymous12.2.10

    loving the photos and congrats on getting to 116!

  2. Congrats on 116!! Fruit and vegetables are the best thing to eat after a fast. They're the kindest on your digestive system.

    It sounds like you're doing really well. There's nothing like the thrill of seeing those low numbers. Stay strong and keep going.

    Holly x x x

  3. omg congrats!!! your going to pass me up any day now! your doing so great. it just amazes me how strong you have become. keep up the good work.
    stay strong
    110 is right around the bend!

  4. Aw, crud...So I've been sitting here all day super inspired by your blog and those of all of our other lovelies, but especially yours in reference to the no-solid-food fast... and then five hours in..FIVE HOURS...I go and eat. What did I eat, you may wonder? A cup of steamed veggies with tiny shrimp. And then? Oatmeal. And then? A bite of cottage cheese. Now all I can think about is how I need to go to the store right now to pick up some stuff for the little one and gawd...There will be food there and my will power will vanish and I will be full again...Why must this cycle continue? I must break it...

    Anyway, I know this post is from yesterday but I still felt compelled to comment. Hope that's all right. ;)


  5. Oh you're doing so fantastic! I'm proud of you! :) Just keep swimming.


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