Monday, February 22, 2010

Planet & Stars are like happy and stuff

Tic Tac Toe 2 in a row! (yea, ya work with me pee-pole!)

Today was a good day, the stars and planets were aligned in some crazy pattern that was smiling down on me!  I worked on my essay all morning but I had class so I had to take a break from it and hope that I could get more work done on it in between classes.  I was running late for class 1, banking on no traffic, hoping for a great parking space and wishing for class to just be cancelled so I can work on the essay some more.  Smooth sailing on the freeways, one go round I got the spot but even running I was still 3 minutes late-the door was closed but as I got closer I saw the lights were off too!  Class cancelled! YES!  I'M GOLD YALL!! GOOOOLLDDD!!!!

Headed over to Jamba Juice to work on my essay (I chose it for geographical convenience and figured I could find a lower cal smoothie instead of getting one at Trader Joe's because I end up drinking the whole damned 2 serving thing) (it's delishus, stopping is just not an option).  I got the Strawberry Nirvana and nirvana it was, tallying up to 150 calories-double the price and half the calories but it was worth it, my desire to be thin is worth it.  The girl at Jamba Juice even offered me a sample of oatmeal and I declined-she insisted and stuck with my no thank you (small victories).

I was right on time for class, we did a quick assignment, turned in our essays and class was over.  I'm pretty sure we were in there like 15 maybe 20 minutes.  Awesome, right!! (Nope, not a question, it was awesome)

So my calorie tally is 625 (I'm adding 10 cals for the diet Pomogranate-Cranberry juice I'll drink a lil lateer).  I'm happy with this total.  Normally when I eat considerably less (yesterday) than the day prior (24 hour binge) I have a higher cal day the next (today).

AND I got my EDD thingies today so I'm gonna get PAID soon!! (Yes I've gone this year with no checks. Slackers.) (Who cares though! I'm getting MONEY!!!)



Comment Reply:
You commenters are fantastic. Seriously, my heart lightens when I receive your comments and I feel less alone in the world. (Cheez Law-Weez I'm a cornball) (but, it's true)  We are all so different and yet we have this common ground, this piece that seems to be missing in our "real life" relationships (ninetynine).  Amazing how the mask of anonymity is so liberating, without it I could not post half the posts that I have, I probably would have quit blogging a long time ago.  Sometimes when I start to erase what I've written because I'm too embarrassed I remind myself that this is the one place where I need to be honest otherwise, I'm just lying to myself.  I have even considered lying about my purging and I realized that I would only be cheating myself so I don't.  This blog really is my toilet of truth.

Thank you all so much for reading and for commenting.

I leave you tonight with some quotes:

"Peace comes not from the absence of conflict, 
but from the ability to cope with it." 

"When I let go of what I am, 
I become what I might be." 

"The greatest discovery of my generation
 is that a human being can alter his life 
by altering his attitudes." 


  1. That sounds great. I'm really glad you had a good day. And don't you hate when people INSIST you eat? This happened to me at my dean's list reception. The lady there kept bugging me about going to the snack table. I was like "no thank you, I'm not very hungry right now" while in my head think "gah! go away! Leave me alone. Its bad enough I have these two cows chomping on either side of me!"

  2. I get so annoyed by food pushers... and they never seem to be fat! Jerks.

  3. im so glad you had a kick ass day! great job on avoiding that sample, i just tell myself the people giving them out probably sneezed on it or dipped a unwashed finger into it and that keeps all desire away lol. i feel like yelling at them "NO I DONT WANT TO TRY A SAMPLE OF THAT, YOU PROBABLY SPIT IN IT!"...then again i dont want to be banned from my favorite store so i resist.
    stay strong

  4. I'm glad you had such a good day, it makes me happy when others are happy.
    And your intake was so good!
    Ahh, Im happy for you, I hope your okay, x.

  5. i looooove when everything falls in my favor! a perfect low calorie day girl!

  6. You're doing great!! I'm so happy for you, love. :)


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