Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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Weigh in this morning.

(Drumroll please!)


That'd be 3 pounds in one day, this morning in a flush (*wink, wink. nudge, nudge*) it seems I will be even less tomorrow. (I don't "flush" often.)

And I feel Grrrrrrr-ATE! (a la Tony the Tiger)

Dunun Duuuuuuu, Dunun Duuuuuuuu... (a la Rocky and Eye of the Tiger)

I'm on a roll!  Last night there was some tummy rumblage and even when I woke up this morning there was that little voice suggesting some food.  "Nay," I said to this voice, "Onward with the Liquid Fast!"  I made my shake, drank water before and after and then made some coffee and now I'm back to Tigress Flushed! Skinny Bound!  Feeling good and confident about another day!  I'm considering stopping at Trader Joe's and grabbing one of the Naked Green thingy's for a little change up on the nutritional side since today my first class is at 12:30 (3 hours long) and I won't be getting home until about 8 so I won't be able to get my protein shake in (and actually Trader Joe's started selling the PureProtein can shakes there too, so we'll see).

Anyway, I gotsta get ready for class.  I have more energy, which I'm not sure if this is accredited to the liquid fast or the the success of it but hey, I'm not complaining!!  Viva la energy!!!


  1. what a great job. phenom. I have these old shakes from when I did a cleanse that I should start utilizing! They're like health in a can. 100 calorie breakfast, shake for lunch- and a small dinner sounds manageable. Thanks for the thinspiring suggestion-- even if it was inadvertent.

  2. wow great job!its so great to hear that you found something thats working so good for you.can you believe your only 9 pds from your goal!!!! thats nothing, thats like so close i can taste it!
    lol(sorry for tasting your goal weight)...

    your going to be there in no time.
    keep up the good work. you inspire me every day with your strength.
    stay strong

  3. That's such great news! You're doing fantastic, and i must admit, i'm quite jealous. You're thinspiring!

  4. I liquid fasted today after being so inspired by you when I read over your blog last night. I feel WONDERFUL! Better than in ages. I have to remember how good this feels next time I plan on putting my head in the toilet. It isn't worth the eating for the aftermath.

    Go you! Thank you for inspiring me!!!



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