Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ana's School

The school I go to is built on hill-scratch that- it is built on the
side of a mountain. And the buildings are spread way apart. There is
*at least* a football field between each destination. At least. Did I
mention that the school is on a mountain? Just checking. All the more
reason for me to lose more and more way and get fit cuz goddamn I do a
lot of walking!

3 out of 4 days of being here I have one class in the am and a 3-4
hour break until my other class. I keep food in my car so each trip
back is a journey. I only carry the books that I'm about to use
immediately thus book changes are a journey. I *need* coffee! Each
trip to the cafeteria is a journey.

I'm thinking I picked the perfect school for Ana. Lots of exercise.
Eating is an annoying thought. Studying is encouraged (air
conditioning!) And lots of thinspo (ah to be a stickly 18!)

You wanna know what drives me insane? (it doesn't matter, I'm telling
anyway) Is seeing chicks wearing heels! Heels. HEELS! These women need
to let me in on their secret. Do they not have feeling in their feet?
Legs? Is this some kind of phenomenon? Is there a pill for this?

Heels. Football fields on mountains. And heels.
Can. Not. Fathom.

At this rate of (forced) exercise and lack of appetite I better drop
like 6-7 pounds (118 lbs?) in September. And be smart as hell. On the
Honor roll or something.

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  1. huh! who'd have ever thought it? a school perfect for anas?
    we should all start going there, hehe
    sounds really really good!

    you're gonna get to 118 a lot sooner hun
    but do make sure you eat the right amount of food to keep you awake in class because you are using a lot of energy. :)

  2. All that walking is sure to make you lose. Wow. That's such a great school for all the anorexic people in the world; we should all go there and have a happy little food-free community. Lol.

    Haha. About the heels: i went to a modeling school for a while and we were required to wear heels during the day. For the first while, it KILLS your feet but then they go numb or decide to stop complaining because it's not going to help anything anyway, and you don't even notice you're wearing heels anymore. I wear heels A LOT of places and people always ask, "don't your feet hurt?" I'm like "huh? Oh yeah, i forgot i was wearing heels. But no, i'm used to it." Lol. It's one of those masochistic things, i think.

  3. i know how you feel with classes being spread over football field gaps. Although my school is not on a hill, buildings on campus are scattered across blocks and blocks. So it you have one class on the north side of campus, and one on the south side, you have to run because you only have ten minutes to get to your next class (if they're back to back).

    and I know how you feel about the heels thing.. I generally avoid them so I do not make a fool out of myself trying to walk in them =P

  4. Haha, i hate hate heels. With a passion, fucking hurt.
    Your school sounds great, in a kind of horrible way.. does that make sense?
    Like, good in the long run, just think of all the extra calories you'll be burning!

  5. Anonymous4.9.09

    I can't walk in heels! I would love to wear them for the added height but I look like a newborn deer. It sucks! When you discover the secret to heels, please let me know!

  6. Ha ha, I walk to work in heels. It doesn't bother me until the very end of the day. I guess it's just... I dunno why? Maybe it's the way I walk? When I'm barefoot, I tend to walk on tiptoe, so maybe I'm just used to it?

    School is so awesome - it's so great to exercise your mind every day. Good luck with it.


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