Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yuck. Ugh. Blah.

So I went to watch the Yankees WIN(!) last night and it lasted too
long. Too, too long. Great game, glad I was there. Too long. Less than
5 hours of sleep later... Not a happy camper today. Insane crazy big
appetite. Hate this. It's a quarter to 3 and I've already had a
balanced 500 calories today and I'm not happy about this.

While I'm glad that I'm gonna be in the classroom until 5 o'clock I am
NOT HAPPY that I feel like an Oompa Loompa Walrus Hippo.

That whole lack of sleep makes for an increase of appetite thing is
totall fact and totally kicking my ass today!! Woke up grumpy as shit.
Been YuckoRama all day and now <5hrs of sleep and >500 cals
later...I'm not any less grumpy. I have no motivation to be in class,
I did not do my homework (I'm hoping my yeah will overlook this) and I
have no energy to do ANYTHING!!!


(Oh yes, there's more. Hang on to your seats folks...)

TOMORROW I have a 72 math problems due that I have Yet to do and I
skipped class (Yankee vs Angels) so I'm HOPING that I can do it.

AND a mid-Term in Sociology first thing in the morning.
AND(!) TheElectrician wants to take me out so I gotta be all fresh and
Purdy (as much as is possible for me anyway) and have Energy.

(Note the enthusiastic period as oppose to some hum drum and uber
sarcastic exclamation point)

I hope your day is infinitely better than mine!
And I'm trying to be optimistic of tomorrow.

Meh. I'll try tomorrow. Today. Today I'm too fucking spent!

Again, hope you are having a faboo day!

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  1. skinny bitch says listen to ur body!
    u felt like shit today so u didnt do much! dats ok! its one day! your way too hardcore to know that you wouldnt make a habit of this! work with your body nt against it!!!!
    dont bat urself up!
    2mros a new day! and ur gonna be amazing! xx


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