Wednesday, September 2, 2009

going & g o n e

My mind is like both mush and LA rush hour traffic.

I feel like I have so much to blog about, I go about my day(s) mentally constructing my post only for it to either be forgotten or just burried underneath a pile of studying and trying to not be the worst person at communication ever. I've been learning so much at school that I can relate to my daily life it's unreal and I can't wait to blog about it but happens.

Finally. Finally, I'm at my laptop ready to blog and my mind is mush. I cannot think of a single word to write.

My mind is going, going of things that I need to do. That I'd like to do. That I should do. That I'm forgetting to do. What time is it? When is my next class? Do I have my homework done for that class? Should I eat now or try and hold out until the end of class? Will I be to hungry and distracted with my hunger by then? What do I have to eat? Should I call TheElectrician now or after class? Texting be better? No, he called and left a message yesterday, I owe a phone call. Do I have food at home? Should I stop at the store before I go home? I need to check the sales first. What do I have to bring for lunch? What classes are tomorrow? Is the homework done? Should I do it tonight or tomorrow and see TheElectrician? Do I have time to do it between classes tomorrow? No. Maybe just quick coffee with TheElectrician...

It's an endless, relentless stream of thoughts and I'm not thinking beyond Thursday.

Last night when I got home I was exhausted. Do you know how wonderful it is to lay in the tub with the shower pouring over you and think of...n o t h i n g ? It's what dreams are made of. I didn't do homework. Just went to bed. C l e a n. I put everything aside until my alarm goes off in the morning.


  1. haha. I know that feeling all too well. All day you plan what to blog about, then you sit down to actually blog and it's gone.

  2. umm i'm pretty sure LA traffic IS mush? or maybe more like angry torturous mush? piece of shit city. i got stuck once coming home from work at midnight on a friday going north on the 101 because for some retarded reason i forgot about the traffic. WHAT? obviously MY brain is mush. so i get it.

    also, i also spend all day composing blog posts in my head and then they all leak out when i sit down to write so i just write something weird and whatever. kind of seems like such a waste of so many thoughts all day long, like i could've been memorizing the periodic table of the elements or french or something.

    but i'm glad you have a lovely shower! so important to empty the head of all its shit sometimes.


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