Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fifty Days

Fifty Days!
Woot! Woot!

So today was my 50th consecutive day sans the big bad binge/purge!!
Can you believe that ish?! Cuz I sure as hell cannot! Really though,
go back to when I started this blog, NEVER would've guessed!

Well, not that I don't still think about it. I did today, in fact. I
felt so disgusting and full off my binge and freakin'. And then I had
to take a step back and see that my "binge" was just under 300 cals
and consisted of:

• 1/2 an apple
• 1 raw zuchinni (w/Chinese Hot Sauce-y'know w/ the rooster and
green cap?) (Yum! Right?!)
• 3 raw almonds
• 1 Wasa Cracker (w/mustard & salsa)
• 1 Eggwhite (w/red onion)
• 1 can on tomato sauce (I made it like soup-just added water,
spices and a bit of onion)

(total of like 670 cals for the day or something)
(just on case you were curious)

So you can see why I was disgustingly full (and still am! Which is why
I would classify this as a binge!) but really-NotsoBad. Took a real
short 20 min walk but I felt all Oompa Loompa like. Still do. But I
wanna do one of Bender Ball Dvd's right now.

TheElectrician didn't call but it's nothing, I didn't think he would
anyhow. He deserves somebody whose willing to put more time and effort
into him and that's just not me. And he certainly is old enough and
wise enough to know this a move on to the next one. I'm in a serious
relationship with school; and me and my textbooks are constantly
GETTIN' IT AWN!! Gimme them A's bitch! Wuhpsh!! (That's me cracking
the whip) (don't judge)


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  1. 50 days! That's quite an accomplishment. Next stop: 100! Keep it up. :)

  2. So so so proud!!!
    well done flushed! I cant bliv I remember first reading when you got to a week and it was such an achievment but now to get to 50 days! wow! go u!!!

  3. Anonymous21.9.09

    WINNER! you are something for us all to aspire to, you crack that whip coz you are HAWT. xxxxxx

  4. WOAH! Are you kidding me!?

    That is INCREDIBLE. Well done babes. Now get to 100 :)


  5. Anonymous21.9.09

    50 days, I'm sooo jealous! Great job! Any tips?

    Keep up the good work:)

  6. Awesome, inspiring post! Good for you about not b/ must feel so strong and in control of the situation! xo

  7. That is really awesome! Fifty days! Keep it up!


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