Friday, September 18, 2009

Offensive Rant.


Things have changed dramatically in this blog community.

You all know what I'm talking about because I keep reading the same goddamned posts...sorry.

Sorry for not commenting/replying/posting....the list goes on. I haven't been able to myself but guess what?! Like so many of you, I've started school and I have homework and y'know LIFE to get to. I love blogging. I love the community but you guys don't give me homework and grades...and a DIPLOMA!

Don't get me wrong. I want to read and comment and everything. LOVE. Blogging.

It's just time-consuming.

Time I could be spending studying.
(not that I want to, I just need to)

Just like weight -loss is a goal, so is a good education and good grades.
A social life wouldn't suck either.

I get that your busy. I don't take it personally if you have a life outside of blogging. More power to you. Just STOP APOLOGIZING!! It's your blog-your rules!! Do what you want! Be what you want! I will love you either way and I hope the others in the community feel the same.

I guess, I just feel like you should blog because you want to and have no obligation to. I blog because I like it and when I feel like I need to blog, it's not fun anymore.

I feel privileged to be privy to your blogs-your lives. I comment because I just want started to become a pressure. I would search for something to say in my comments. Well, that's not fun, so I'm not going to. If I really want to say something I will but otherwise, I won't but I'm still reading. Every word of every post I read.

Face it, NONE OF US need anymore added stress/anxiety or what have you so why make blogging one of them?

I love you.
I'll be reading.
(commenting optional.)


  1. hear, hear!

    this is a place where we don't need to apologize for things - that is the beauty of it!

  2. Whoops. You're right... Haha. I've been doing that a lot, haven't i?

  3. Lols. You know, I'm seeing this a lot too. I'm not worried, because I don't have the time to comment on every blog I see, or every post. And I certainly don't get upset if I don't get a comment. Personally I don't think I'm that interesting :]

  4. Meh, I think that some people are just scared that they MIGHT offend anyone. I know I have atleast on one occasion apologized for it. Then again, it could just be because they feel bad that "XYZ123" made time to post on their blog, but they didn't. Either way, I agree with you. It really isn't that serious if you think about it.

  5. Hey Flushed! r u ok?! u go get the social life u deserve girl and blog about it when and if you want too!
    no pressure to comment on my blog I l know youll be reading however I do really appreciate your comments :) (NO PRESSURE THO)

  6. I've nominated you for an award, go to my blog to read it! Just follow the rules, okay?

    (confessionofsomeonealmost18 has all the details if you need it, k?)

    But yes, I love your blog a lot, so I nominated you! yay me:]



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