Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pounds Down

Sorry for the nakit post embarrassing but I refuse to delete anything that I post. And I was really pleased and a bit surprised at the responses. Snapped me outta of "it" and made me feel better :) ladies are the bestest!

(Actually, trying to find posts to link you up to speed I found more embarrassing stuff. I'm all, "Damn Flushed! You're all balls out on this blog!")

(And then I was like, "AwFuk. That's me. -Wait-that's me talking in the third person of my internet alias. AwwwFuuuuuk.)

So today: 123.5 el bees! Woot, woot!

Except I haven't been exercising because I've been drowning in my school work...errr....not that I've been blogging or anything...

What. ev-AH! So long as the pounds are going down. I will exercise soon enough. Priorities and such. Also, most of you probably don't remember but my short term Iwon'tbecompletelyapeshitifIatleast goal was to fit into my clothes again. Comfortable. Non-squeezy-like. Well, I'm there.

Woot! Woot!
(Can I get an "Encore"? Do you want more...")
(That was Jay-Z poppin' into my head. Easy sung than typed.)

Woot! Woot!
(Just in case you missed that last one. Or two.)


Okay, so my birthday is on Friday and I've already told my mom and whoever that I have a softball game that I am playing in (yes. On my birthday. I PAY for this shit!). My mom knows that I'm not one for going to dinner, she understands.

(go Moms! Woot! Woot!)

(I bet you're all like, "Flushed, you lucky bastard! My parents/family/friends are always pressing me to eat!")

She asked me last night again what we could do ("we don't have to do dinner, but we want to do something for your birthday...") After a little back and forth we decided a quick happy hour at The Citrus Grille (It's Mar-Tini Time!) and my game is at 7:45 so I'll be out of there early enough and leave them free for dinner (hopefully they don't decide to be my Fan Club. I'm horrible [@ softball]. It's embarrassing). So that is the plan on Friday!

I'm actually really happy that my mom was totally for The Plan. My mom and I are the most weight conscious in our family (like EDish weight conscious) (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?) (drop the "ish" when it comes to me tho!) but everybody in my family wants to lose weight and be "healthier" so that's why I don't get pressed. They just think of me a strong willed health nut, not ana or anything.

Hopefully this perspective doesn't change when I drop another 10, maybe 15 lbs...5 they'll think I'm perfect but they might start scrutinizing after that but probably not actual worry. I'm short so I'll just be like "actress thin" which is the goal.


  1. yeh Im glad u got to make birthday plans that wont ruin ur diet! Im going on a raw day 2mro! eek! xx

  2. Well done girl.
    123!!! That's great.
    You'll be at 110 before you know it.

    Keep your spirits high and don't forget about the goal in hand.

    Ouu, you're going to look great for you're birthday too.
    Make sure to celebrate (smartly though, don't want to go and ruin it all)
    The only bad thing about birthdays is cake.
    No no no.
    Why can't we blow out candles on like, mushy peas? (ew), or, well you get the point.
    Happy Loosing

  3. You're in such a happy-hyper mood. I love it. In fact, it's rather contagious. :)
    Happy birthday! (In case i forget to tell you on friday... i'm horrible at remembering anything that isn't a Calorie count. Lol.) Have fun celebrating.

  4. Stick with the health nut bit. lol When people look at me all concerned and say "Do you eat anything??" (which I think I so rude) I just shrug and say "Oh, I guess you're talking about my size. I transitioned to Vegan and I've been super stressed about graduating." ZING.

    It's Friday my time (12:15AM) SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY RETURNS!!! Go have fun and do whatever it is that people do at softball haha.

    Look look, I'm commenting (I'm getting out of my funk lol).

  5. Congrats on your success. Hope your birthday was fabulous.


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