Monday, September 21, 2009

Jumping to Conclusions?


So, while TheElectrician didn't contact me yesterday he texted me this morning, he wants to take me out on Thursday.

"Let me take you out Thursday"
To be exact. Then later on when he determined via text whether I was "working or relaxing" he called. He filled me in on the past howeverlong and was like, "so do I have to like kidnap you from studying?".

Answer: Yes, yes you do.

Guess he's not "over it" like I thought. Strange, strange man.


I came across a tweet today that said something to the affect of somebody telling their mom and it basically played out that her mom was like, just starve yourself to death then (as opposed to bulimia, I'm assuming). Later there was a quiz online (I'm such a sucker for quizzes-jeez they're like screaming, "Catagorize me!!") and one of the questions was something like how you treat health/food around your kid...

It made me think of the reaction of my Mom and Sis when I told them (each on separate occasions). Neither knew what to say, they just didn't say much of anything just shocked I guess? Now that I'm losing weight again I wonder if they wonder. (only sometimes tho, wondering if people wonder about anything is like trying to take the treadmill to work)

I started wondering how I would handle if my own [hypothetical] kid had an ED, whether they confessed or not...what would be the appropriate way to handle the situation...

Think about it. There are so many different people behind the blogs we read who handle each and every situation differently yet have the same underlying issue. Some are crying out for help...others not, some are just confused...

There's may not be a wrong way to eat a Reese's but there certainly is a wrong way for that sucker to leave your body. And there most certainly is a wrong way to treat a person with an ED whom you are trying to help.


  1. I've never read your blog before, but I was reading that last few posts...

    a few things.

    one of your posts made me laugh. out loud. which doesn't happen a lot reading these kinds of blogs.

    also, 50 days without a binge OR purge is amaaaazing!!! ;)

    way to go, skinny mini!!

  2. Oh wow it's great for TheElectrician! I think you should give the guy a chance. Just wait and see where it goes.

    As for the hypotetical kid I think it would depend of my "state" then. I think I would feel horrible to "cure" him/her if I am doing the exact same thing behind his/her back. On the other side I don't want my kids to be as fucked up as I am. It's not a fate I would wish for anybody.

    It really is something to think about...

  3. go out with the electrician! he sounds cool! is he hot! teehee! cum on u said urself u wanna get out there and be a bit more social! give it a chance! I no its scary and different and strange but go 4 it!
    ur rite about ways to handle ppls ED! When I told my friend about mine she just accepted if as if it was normal so now I just have ED around her and she aceepts it as part of mi life but I kinda wanted help gettin it out of mi life! x

  4. Beautiful words near the end. I get very paranoid that my little sister will start having an ED. And then if she did, what would I do? Most my family has thought at one point or another that I've had an ED. I've currently convinced them its never really been an issue, sure I don't eat sometimes when I'm stressed. Blah blah. I do not try and persuade my little sister to be unhealhty, I don't want her to go through life like I have.


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