Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is How I do...

I found this downloaded an app on my iPhone called "Lose It!" (it's free. Aside from Tetris and Wurdle all my Apps are of the Free variety). You enter some info and how much you want to lose (max is 2lbs a week). So in mid-October I should be at a goal weight and looking fabulous!


Mid-October. Seriously? That long!? That's crazy talk!
You crazy App. You crazy.

I just can't imagine it taking 14 weeks for my goal. It's not inspiring. At All.

The plan that "Lose It!" gives me is a "Budget" of 940 calories a day. So then I wonder....470 calories a day and goal weight at 7 weeks? Just kidding. (Kinda.) If you have an iPhone though it really is a cool way to keep track. It has a built in library already with nutritional info on food and calories burned for different types of exercise (Archery? Really? Yeah.) Super easy and convenient to use. Hopefully I still feel the same a week from now and my clothes are not so tight and unattractive.

^I started this post a while back^

Thoery went to shit as far as goal weight mid-October goes but I still use the app (religiously) and it's quite handy. (Maybe by November? I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sticking to my ways...PERSISTANCE and PERSERVERENCE!) It even breaks down the percentages of Fat/Protein/Carbs that I've consumed by day and by week. Here are some screen shots...

----------This is how I do...it's what works for me, take it or leave it :) -----------

The reason that I'm telling you all about this is, I really think that it's a BIG HELP of how I've managed so long sans Mia. When I'm hungry I can look at it and see...what did I eat today? What am I missing? Protein? Sugars? Carbs? Fat? and by finding what I'm missing it puts my body/mind back into balance so I don't feel all crazy-like and out of control.

Also, I'm big on healthy foods because it just works for me (I'm a vegetarian~processed food triggers me), I've managed to stay away from overly processed foods, that's right folks~my carbs are veggies, oats (the regular old fashioned ones not instant that I eat with Splenda and either AllSpice or blends some fresh berries and an itty bitty mount of salt), Wasa crackers (they're good enough to satisfy but not to binge) and, of course, fruit has carbs too. When I want something sweet I eat fruit.

For protein, I get it predominately from eggwhites because they are pure protein (and I'm lazy so I make em in the microwave) (always w/sea salt and pepper and sometimes I added onions or some kind of veggie). Also, raw nuts (almonds and pistachios on hand) or, if I must, beans~as long as they are not made with lard (I'm lookin at you refried beans!). If you go to a mexican restaurant a lot of times you can get frijoles de la hoya which are when they are just boiled and spiced and BEFORE they mash and lard 'em up.

Oh yeah, I also microwave my frozen vegetable and then spice the hell out of them! I'm big on spices...and mustard, hot sauce, salsa, etc.

For Fat: raw nuts, fresh avocado or, more recently, hummus (convenience, the sell 100 cal pks at Costco) (I eat it with raw celery or raw zucchini).

This keeps me sane. Obvy, I "binge" now and again and when you try to stay as close to 500 cals per day that's what your body wants~CALORIES! 500 is not enough to keep shit running properly, I know this but F-you body, get skinny and just maybe we'll compromise.

I digress.

So when I binge. I keep it to veggies and fruit but I still keep track of everything cuz  otherwise all hells gonna break loose and then...Bad News Bears. So I have my little rules and such...and sometimes I just gotta stop and take a walk. Drinking tons of water helps too. Better full of water than calories!

When I go out to restaurants I order salad (no croutons, no cheese, dressing on the side that I won't touch unless it's salsa cuz salsa is basically just tomato and onion, sometimes I'll put soy sauce if it's available...) and maybe a side of steamed (and plain-NO OIL!) veggies if I'm real hungry which I'll usually cut and mix into my salad. (I usually eat an eggwhite before I go for protein, helps me stay in control)

My appetite suppressants are these Herbalife Pills called, Total Control and Snack Defender, I take them together a couple times a day. I also take a Women's One-A-Day that I cut in half and take in the morning then evening. Hot Tea that I drink plain. Black coffee w/Splenda. And these Zero Cal Flavored Waters that are made with Splenda and not aspertame. Other than the occasional alcoholic bevy that's all folks! No liquid cals.

I don't have days to deviate from this, I stick as closely as possible. I don't "treat" myself or have "just one" or "in moderation" because frankly, I just can't handle it. I will end up in the Mia cycle and a tub of lard. I don't buy things that I KNOW I will trigger me to binge, I just don't. No exceptions. I just don't have that kind of self control. My brain is all or nothing, so I choose nothing because that is what works for me!

Obvy, if you read my blog~this ish didn't happen overnight! I still freak about even my veggie binges and not know the exact cals (I'll overestimate), I'm not perfect but I am persistent and perseverant and forgiving when I need to be.


  1. Anonymous22.9.09

    Wow, that's all freaking awesome! You have amazing self control, especially with an all or nothing mentality! I think if you can stick to all for like a month, you'll be at your goal weight no problem, an probably under. Good job, definitely keep it up!!!

  2. I'm downloading this right now. I've been using an online calorie tracker, but I've been really bad about it for a while now because I can't access it from work.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. I'm so impressed with your control and dedication! Really, very impressive!

  4. wow! was feeling really out of control and lost, now printing out that entry to keep me on track and out of bingeing's way
    thank you so, so much xoxox

  5. flushed I love u! ur doing so well! and seriously 14 weeks isnt that long I know it may seem it but its better to persue a 14 week plan then nothing at all! and its probly healthier and the weight will stay off then hopefully!
    My diet seems quiete similar to urs 2! I love mangos and btw they have like 0 carbs in them so their a good fruit to eat and gud for the BM!

  6. hey forgot to say Ive started eating oats 2 adn a bit of muesili and its def helpin the bms!
    luv ur old school italien friend :) x

  7. hey, thanx for that math. i feel a bit better about myself knowing i had far less that i thought.
    14 weeks is actually not that long. 14 weeks ago, i was 2lbs lighter than i am today :/
    you sound sooo in control girl! keep it up. all those veggie, hehe
    i love veggies.!!!

  8. this is great and lovely advice. I used to eat so much junk, but i feel better when i cut it out.

    thanks for the post!!


  9. your control is inspiring! thank you so much for your post!!! wish i had an iphone for that amazing app!
    love, kk


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