Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snap Out of it Flushed!

After Friday and Saturday...and today (it's only 1) I feel all failure-ish.

Gluttony got ahold uh-me!

Friday: OVERstuffed myself on Asparagus (grilled w/olive oil), Zuchini & Mushrooms (marinated in some dressing and grilled) and Green Beans. AND I had a couple Wasa Crackers.

Saturday: I had a Strawberry Martini (sooo good! Must try! Must.)-which I suppose is not The Horriblest Thing (Cheesecake Factory-fresh mashed strawberries & vodka) BUT THEN TheElectrician ordered me an Asian Pear Martini (he was being sweet cuz I was made a comment about it sounding good) but then it came and there some tropical juice (we all know how BadNewsBears juice is) and all kinds of sweetness in it. Too sweet. I only drank half because it was so so sweet (and strong! Hello Sake!!) (couldn't even taste the pear in it. Boo!).

I did resist:
  • white rice
  • toasty indian flatbread (naan)
And at Cheesecake Factory:
  • I didn't touch the bread basket
  • ordered a Veggie Salad- sans: dressing/cheese/chicken (only ate 1/2)
(no wonder 1 1/2 martini's gets me tipsy!)

I know the veggies are like "healthy" because Olive Oil is "healthy" but it kills me not now how many calories. Not. Safe. Not safe at all. Also, why don't they have the calorie count for DRINKS?!

Don't you know that alcohol is a calor-tastrophy?!
That it builds unhealthy yuckiness fatty fatness around your ORGANS!?

(or something, that's the rumor I'm starting.)
(Don't quote me on that.)


And then there's today. Why can't I stop eating and thinking about food?! Why can't I get some motivation to exercise?! Why am I not studying right now?! Why do I feel like a fatso?!

Must. Break. Free. Of. Glut. Ny.

I did go for a little 20 minute walk (to the mail box). It's too effin' hot to go longer at this hour and I needed something to distract me from all the food I want to eat. It did help as far as food goes.

But still.

-•-•- Must. Break. Free. Of. Glut. Ny. -•-•-

It's just one of those days I suppose.
I can't let it get the best of me.
A bump in the road.
I can't let it break this Momentum I've built up.

This is a test.
A test of Ana.
A test I must pass.
A test I WILL pass.

Must. Break. Free. Of. Glut. Ny.


  1. Wow-zers! Don't freak out flushy. If that's the worst of your gluttony, it's hardly gluttonous. If the above were me, I'd call it a bloody good day and pat myself on the back! Granted I've been doing SHITE-house lately, but still. I think he very fact that a martini and a half and a few grilled vegies is making you freak is testament to the fact that you have been doing so DAMN BRILLIANTLY lately!


  2. I know how you feel! I hate hate hate not knowing the calories in food or drinks. I was going to buy a pocket calorie amount book but i thought it would look suspicious bringing it out to dinner and such. But really you've done good on the veg. Thinking about food isn't a crime, I mean, we're all obsessed with it. Don't worry you'll get back on track soon.

  3. Goodness your posts are probably the most enteraining I've read on here!

    And yeah alcohol--ick. Tooooo many calories just for something liquid! You make me want to try some naan though. When I was reading Kite Runner they mentioned it a million times and now I want to try it. Heh.

    And I'm totally in the same boat with you being completely unmotivated to do anything physical. I haven't been excercising, shit, I haven't even been TRYING to excercise lately. Oh welll...

    I think we should definitely start a rumor that alcohol clogs your organs or something. : )

  4. I too need to break free.
    Of gluttony.

  5. momentum is good. dont let your dark passenger get the better of you!

    You've been doing well for a seriously long time... i'm unbelieveably jealous but also in awe of your incredible staying power!

    ahem. ^^ heebeejeebus^^ - it already does fuck your organs. we all know that. the issue is more one of self control. Lesser of two evils etc etc.

  6. EEEP! Gluttony's holding me captive too. Like all i wanna do is sit on my fat ass and stuff my fat face. I'm such a Fatso... Maybe we can gang up on the nasty gluttony monster and kill it off and then we'll be free. Yes?

  7. XD I've been there before, and I love the format of this post. But I want to hit you for the links. I'm hungry, and trying not to eat, and the links were TEMPTING. Ho! (I kid, I kid...about the ho, not the tempt XD!)

    Alcohol is the WORST. Not only does it have WAY too many calories, but it completely grinds your metabolism to a screeching halt.
    So while you can get an MGD 64 or won't burn the rest of what you take in like you normally would.

    HOORAH for liquor.
    Makes you do things you regret
    and be fat while you do it, too.

    This is why I don't drink XD


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