Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a Bump in the Road

Yesterday was otherwise a pretty good day. Busy and productive. My Sis
and I ordered the announcements for the Baby which I designed and she
loved which made me feel Wonderful!

After the lil fiasco with my mom I caved a bit. I had gone for soooo
long but last night I smoked. And it was dulishus. I don't know what
it is about cigarettes that I crave and it so good to me when I'm

That's what I used to run to before Mia. I'm thinking that's the safer
route. I went to my cousins, the one I used to be bff close with and
had a good cry on her shoulder, vented, smoked and talked. I felt
better leaving there. Not only better about the petty (and
unnecessarily emotional) scenario with my mom but getting closer with
my cousin again. I know she wants things to be the way they used to be
with us.

Thank you for your comments, you are all so WONDERFUL! I don't even
have words to describe!

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  1. Well its really great that you have a stable shoulder you should cry on. I was going to chastise you about the cigs, but than it occured to me how laughably hypocritical that would be. There about as healthy as the lifestyle we (try to ) live everyday, so what would be the point then?

  2. Hmm cigarettes or mia... I don't know which one is healthier. Both are bad. but then so is ana and all the other things we blog about. Oh well. We're all going to die, we might as well do it while we're young and skinny, right? Lol.

    I'm glad you and your cousin are trying to become close again. It's always great to have a person to depend on.


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